Statement from ORP Chairman Jane Timken on RNC Exec Committee Resolution

Columbus, OH – Ohio Republican Party Chairman Jane Timken released the following statement on the RNC resolution condemning the impeachment inquiry.

“We strongly support the RNC Executive Committee for passing this resolution that condemns the Democrats phony impeachment process. Starting with the Russia Hoax two years ago, to holding closed door impeachment proceedings, the Dems have never accepted the results of the 2016 election and are trying anything they can to re-write history. We urge these Democrats to drop this charade and get back to working for the American people.”


Statement from ORP Communications Director Evan Machan on the Democrats’ Impeachment Vote

Statement from ORP Communications Director Evan Machan on the Democrats’ Impeachment Vote


Columbus, OH – Ohio Republican Party Communications Director Evan Machan released the following statement regarding the Democrats’ impeachment vote:
“The Democrats should be focused on working alongside President Trump to create a better future for all Americans. Instead, they continue to meddle with the results of the 2016 election merely because they cannot accept the outcome three years later. These sham impeachment hearings, and today’s vote, stem from nothing but baseless accusations. This entire process has been a distraction from President Trump’s accomplishments as well as a convenient distraction from the Democrats’ radical agendas. The Democrats should be ashamed of themselves for allowing this witch hunt to continue for as long as it has.”



ORP Statement on Democrat Presidential Debate at Otterbein

Statement from ORP Press Secretary Elizabeth Giannone – 9/13/19
Columbus, OH – Ohio Republican Party Press Secretary Elizabeth Giannone released the following statement on the next round of Democrat presidential debates to be held at Otterbein University:
“The 2020 Democratic candidates can debate in Ohio all they want, but Ohioans have made it clear that their radical ideas are not welcome here. President Trump’s pro-growth policies have created a booming economy, and in 2016 we flipped traditionally blue counties red. President Trump won Ohio by 8 points and we are still feeling that momentum thanks to the president’s leadership. The Democrats’ radical agendas, policies that will only result in higher taxes on the middle class, simply don’t resonate here.”

Statement on Women’s Equality Day

Statement from ORP Chairman Jane Timken on Women’s Equality Day – 8/26/19
Columbus, OH – “Today, we celebrate 99 years since the adoption of the 19th Amendment, which gave women the right to vote.
“The suffrage movement has helped women accomplish much over the past century, and is the reason we have greater equality today. As the first female Chairman of the Ohio Republican Party, I have firsthand experience of how this movement carved a path for female leadership. Equal representation is important so every voice can be heard, and we are seeing that now more than ever before.
Everyone benefits when women succeed and take part in our democratic process. We owe many of our freedoms and achievements to the women who fought to pass the 19th Amendment in 1920, and I will forever be grateful for their impact on our history.”

ORP Statement on Second Round of Democrat Presidential Debates

Statement from ORP Communications Director Evan Machan
Columbus, OH – Ohio Republican Party Communications Director Evan Machan released the following statement on the second round of the Democrat presidential debates:
“Tonight we saw Democrats once again embrace far-left progressive policies such as a complete overhaul of our healthcare system and open borders, policies that will kick 200 million people off of their private insurance and put American lives at risk. Tomorrow, we will see more of the same – proposals that are simply too progressive for Ohioans.

ORP Statement on Kirsten Gillibrand’s visit to Ohio

Statement from Communications Director Evan Machan
Columbus, OH – Ohio Republican Party Communications Director Evan Machan released the following statement on Kirsten Gillibrand’s visit to Ohio:
“Kirsten Gillibrand is a weak candidate with an even weaker backbone. Her record of continuous flip-flops even made Sen. Schumer tell her to “slow down” on changing her stances on key issues like immigration.
Her chameleon characteristics and support of disastrous policies like the Green New Deal and universal healthcare would cost the American people trillions of dollars, millions of jobs and completely change our economy for the worst. Hypocritical politicians touting far-left policies like these don’t resonate with Ohioans.”

DeWine Cleaned up Cordray’s Messes and Made Ohio a Model for the Nation

News broke today that the state of Washington is looking to Ohio as a model for clearing its rape kit backlog.

When Mike DeWine succeeded Richard Cordray as Ohio’s Attorney General, he found a mountain of untested rape kits. 

DeWine demanded every kit be tested and launched the Sexual Assault Kit Testing Initiative, resulting in all 13,931 formerly shelved kits being tested

Statewide Results:

  • 8,648: The number of DNA profiles uploaded to the Combined DNA Index System (CODIS) database
  • 5,024: Total number of CODIS hits from uploaded DNA profiles
  • 1,127: The number of cases involving those 300 serial offenders

Thanks to Mike DeWine, rape victims are receiving justice and Ohio’s model for clearing rape kit backlogs is a model for the nation.

Washington looks to Ohio as model for clearing rape kit backlog

ORP Calls on Cordray to Take Position on Medicare for All


National Democrats campaigning for Richard Cordray are shifting their stances to support Bernie Sanders’ single payer healthcare plan. One week ago today, Nancy Pelosi said single payer health care should be evaluated if Democrats win the House in November.

“As the Democrat base grows louder in its calls for Medicare for all, Ohio voters deserve to know where Richard Cordray stands,” said Chairman Jane Timken. “Fixing healthcare is a top priority across the country, but significantly raising taxes on Ohio families to pay for the $32 trillion plan that Richard Cordray’s closest allies are pushing is not the answer.”

New Kathleen Clyde campaign slogan: I’ll break my oath of office!

After yesterday’s Supreme Court ruling that Ohio’s law for removing inactive voters from the rolls is legal, Democrat candidate for Secretary of State Kathleen Clyde stated that she would not enforce the law if elected.

Clyde’s declaration that she would unilaterally halt Ohio’s process of maintaining clean voter rolls should send up red flags for voters. Not only would Clyde purposefully fail to uphold her oath of office if elected, she also would reverse more than 20 years of precedent set by both Republican and Democrat Secretaries of State. 

As reported by, here is the process designated by Ohio law, that the Secretary of State follows to remove inactive voters from the rolls:

  • The state checks voter rolls against several databases, including the U.S. Postal Service’s national change of address database and state death records, to remove voters who have moved out of state or died.
  • An individual who doesn’t vote for two years is mailed a notice asking to confirm their registration. If the voter doesn’t respond to the notice, update his address or registration information or perform an election activity, such as voting or signing a state ballot measure petition within four years, the voter’s registration is canceled. 

Sound reasonable? The Supreme Court says yes. As Justice Samuel Alito wrote in the majority opinion:

“The notice in question here warns recipients that unless they take the simple and easy step of mailing back the preaddressed, postage prepaid card — or take the equally easy step of updating their information online—their names may be removed from the voting rolls if they do not vote during the next four years.” 

“It was Congress’s judgment that a reasonable person with an interest in voting is not likely to ignore notice of this sort.”

Frank LaRose, the Republican candidate for Secretary of State, understands the importance of maintaining clean voter rolls as well:

“Today’s Supreme Court decision will allow the Secretary of State to continue carrying out his constitutional responsibility, in accordance with Ohio law, to maintain accurate voter rolls,” LaRose said. “By working with the bipartisan county boards of election we can balance the responsibility to maintain accurate voter rolls while still being fair to all voters.”

This November, Ohio voters have a choice between a candidate who has promised not to uphold their oath of office, and a candidate who will. The choice is clear; Frank LaRose is the right person to lead the Secretary of State’s office and ensure the integrity of Ohio’s elections.

Read the full Supreme Court decision here. 

Ohio’s Jobless Rate Hits 17-Year-Low Under Republican Leadership

News broke today that Ohio’s jobless rate hit a 17-year-low in April, reminding us of how far we’ve come since the dark days of Ted Strickland and Richard Cordray.

Here are some highlights from today’s jobs report:

  • Ohio’s jobless rate hit a fresh 17-year-low
  • 7,000 people joined the labor force and 11,000 found jobs in April
  • 42,400 jobs have been created in Ohio since December

Under the Strickland-Cordray era, Ohio lost more than 360,000 jobs and ranked 48th among all states in job creation.

Since then, Republican leadership has turned our economy around. Pro-growth policies have led to the creation of more than 500,000 jobs, including 42,400 since December 2017. Ohio’s private-sector GDP and average wage growth have outpaced both U.S. and regional growth under Republicans. Between 2011 and 2017, Ohio’s private-sector employment growth approached 500,000 new jobs, which far outpaced the regional average of 305,300.

Additionally, with a Republican-controlled White House and Congress, Ohio’s future is even brighter. Thanks to tax cuts, common sense regulatory reform and reciprocal trade negotiations, Ohio workers and businesses are in a better position now than they have been in decades.

Small business and consumer confidence are at record highs. Unemployment is at record lows. The average Ohio family will save more than $2,000 dollars per year thanks to tax cuts and Ohio businesses are giving out bonuses left and right

Republicans are building a stronger future for Ohio families. On November 6, Ohio voters will not allow Richard Cordray and the Democrats to take us backward.